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A child grows up, learning how to get good grades.

From good grades they get into a good college.

From a good college, they get a good job.

From a good job, they grow a good family.

A good home.

Raising more good children.

And the cycle continues to repeat itself.

Seems like a good cycle, right?

What if you learned more about the backdrop to the timeless story that repeats itself throughout history time and time again?

During this time, let’s call the man Jimmy.

Jimmy seems to be living a good ole life on the West side of Philadelphia, where he was born and raised.

But Jimmy has been slaving all of his life.

Jimmy is in debt by $100,000 in student loans. And his wife Margaret is about $60,000 in debt as well.

They both graduated from a great college. And are working 40-60 hours a week, making combined about $105,000 a year. Not bad right?


This is where things get super tough.

Margaret gets pregnant. They celebrate at this new life that is about to come in 9 months. But then it hits Jimmy that eventually Margaret won’t be able to work like she is now.

And if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid. Even maternal leave is only good for about 3-4 weeks, and at a reduced portion of the salary. So Jimmy figures out a way to work more.

And working more means spending less time with the wife.

Less time with the wife means increased friction in the marriage.

Little arguments are raised sporadically, and then it turns into loud verbal fights. 6 months before Margaret is due, they have a nice quiet dinner at home and start to reflect on life.

They reflect on the bills, the current circumstances, the insurmountable debt that has been accumulated. And both Jimmy & Margaret come to the conclusion that this is how they were trained from a young age. As children, they were brought up with this fixed mindset, along with their classmates and those they grew up with. They begin to think, how could life be different today if they didn’t grow up with this mindset and fixed way of living.

They begin to brainstorm in how life can be different for their little one that has yet to be inundated with this false way of life as we currently know it.

They go through a deep process in the months to come that will revolutionize their lifestyle, and their newborns life as well.

Fast forward 10 years later, both Jimmy and Margaret no longer work for someone. They own their own business. Their son that was born 10 years ago is homeschooled, and is on track to graduate at 16. But he’s a go-getter and wants to own a business like his dad.

What makes this whole story interesting is that both Jimmy and Margaret are always home. They teamed up and started to do internet marketing in west palm beach that helps them make residual money from the comfort of their laptops. No multi-level marketing stuff. Simply helping people and local business do their thing, get known online, and make funny money (or whatever you’d like to call it).

What happened?

What was the change?

You’ve landed on Family DFW for a reason. To pass on generational wealth and knowledge to your children to do life not only differently but with purpose.

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